NAFA 50 !
Dear Alliance,

Happy New Year. I hope that your holidays were joyous, safe andfilled with the hopes for an even brighter 2011.

Your Association starts a year long celebration of our fiftieth anniversary. Fifty years of progress for falconry in North America. Your Association was founded in 1961 to encourage the proper practice of the sport of falconry and the wise use and conservation of birds of prey.From a handful of members in its early years, NAFA has grown to a membership of about 2000 members and is now one of the largest falconry organizations in the world.

Wherever I go and with whomever I speak, I am proud to say I am a NAFA Member and equally proud to serve our Association as your current President. Many wonderful people have served in this role since 1961 including:
  • Harold M. Webster
  • E. W. Jameson
  • Dan A. Cover
  • George T. Kotsiopoulous
  • Stanley A. Marcus
  • Roger Thacker
  • James D. Weaver
  • Ralph Rogers
  • Kenneth J. Felix
  • Timothy J. Kimmel
  • Brian Millsap
  • Darryl Perkins
  • Daniel Cecchini,Jr.
History of the NAFA Logo

Standard Logo
The NAFA logo was designed by the late NAFA member and former NAFA Director, Byron Gardner of Oregon. Byron chose the colors of black, white, and gray because of their elegance and purity. He wanted a simple design so it would read well when reduced to letterhead size. The falcon is in gray (silver) to represent the gyrfalcon, as the highest pinnacle of the sport throughout history. The bird flies in an upward diagonal across the circle which is divided by black and white which makes reference to the yin, yang symbol with which Eastern mystics represent the duality of nature. The field of black and white is broken by an active line suggesting landscape dominated by a soaring mountain which suggests a falcon flying high. - Thanks to Peter Devers for this information. Information can also be found at


You can read more about the history of falconry in North America on the NAFA website. Go to the website, then to the About Falconry tab and scroll to History in North America, or simply click here.

NAFA is moving forward. Join the journey. It promises to be a great adventure!






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